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We are an organization of
"Retired Massachusetts State Troopers"  
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The RTA salutes all  Military and Police Officers for your service ! 
We are always watching closely​
for anything both financial or otherwise, that will impact our members in a negative way, 
and even a positive way. 

Windfall Elimination Provision changes might be coming for all of those affected by it.

It won't be easy, but we think it will happen !
We take pride in the
 fact that we research anything that has the potential to, or that will 
affect any "member" of
RTA is proud to continue it's tradition of getting
 the most for it's members out of the Eye and Dental Plans. We are always looking for the best plan for you !
We issue RTA 
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Now see why, the
MA Goal organization
 is important to you. 
Goal in MA

(Gun Owner Action League)   is an organization that is   
      worth looking into. 

They are watching out for
     you, just as we are !
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  The database form below will help us evaluate proposed pension reform for all of retired troopers,and those who will retire.
Call your State Rep and State Senator and tell them 
enough is enough.
Always watching

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In addition to watching out for you,
 RTA issues scholarships.

To date $20,100.00 + 
and it is growing reach year.
                                                      updated as of 12/26/19
 to bear arms is under 
constant attack as more restrictive gun laws are again being suggested. 

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Scholarship winners names to the right
 are sons, daughters, grandsons, grandaughters, nieces and nephews of 
Retired Trooper Association members.  

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The bigger we are as 
and association, the
 better for all of us.

Safety in numbers !

"Hector J"
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     2015 Scholarships Winners

   Ashley Souther      Erin Magliozzi
 Brianna Souther       Robert Keough
 Keegan Catlin        Timothy Clark
 Katelyn Tully         James Flaherty 
Christopher J. Merkel 
Upgraded and
Enhanced Dental Plan 

So our HISTORY is that;
 In July of 2000, we succeeded in getting legislation passed that re-visited pensions of 557 Retired State Troopers who, had retired prior to July 1, 1992

As a result, a substantial increase to their
 pensions was achieved. As a result of this legislation, 
Retired Troopers Hector Grazio and Ronald Bellanti realized that there was a definite need for a organization
 that would pursue and preserve benefits for    
 Retired Troopers. In the past nobody had cared 
about the retiree. Hence, the
"Retired Troopers Association"
 of Massachusetts (RTA) was formed on 
January 1, 2001. The sole purpose of this 
organization is to retain and obtain benefits for retirees.  
The RTA has been looking for some time, at seeking something for those who retired after the merge.We have been reviewing all database lists, for accurate numbers of who was involved in the merge, and then playing with various formulas, information is being compiled. We need your help !

The RTA was assisting initially with a group effort, we attempted to provide our background knowledge and experience on what was previously achieved. Given all that has gone 
on, we are rethinking some things
Please see FORM BELOW
Our newsletter contains information important to
 all of us. 
    2016 Scholarship Winners

Brent Lawson

Cameron Magliozzi   Tim Clark
 Brianna Roderick    Kathryn Lawson
   Katy Magliozzi  Allyson Parabicoli
     Sara Sherburne  Steve Tickellis
  Casey Armanetti

Download the form 
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 as directed. The information you provide will benefit all

RTA $ 250

Kaleigh Redington
Henry Stone  Megan Foley
Clayton Andrews Tim Clark
Emma Stankiewicz

Members $300

Austin Ryan


RTA $ 250

Jared Magliozzi
Patrick Doherty
Tim Clark  Julia Roderick
Oliva Ahlman
Clowey Jean Adams

Members $200

Megan Costa
Kimberly Granito


RTA Scholarships
Brendan Fallon


Clayton Andrews Brent Lawson
Brianna Roderick
Chelsea Reis
Kathryn Lawson

Members Scholarships

Cathlene Pellicelli
Tim Clark  Austin Brighenti
Casey Armanetti
 GIC changes not happening !
Co pay increases have been frozen for 2018
If you are interested in joining the RTA,
 please see the application located on the 
"contact us" page on this site.
Check out the State Police Museum
Hit on the link below

As we all know, recent publicized articles and newscast regarding a few, have painted the State Police in a bad light.

We remind all still on the job, keep marching, and always conduct yourself in the professional way, one that you have been trained to do, and still do each and every day of your career.

Keep looking forward,
 it will get better !
Running any organization requires money, and your dues supports the efforts of the RTA.
Amazing that in January 2017/18 pay raises were given to those in state public elected office. Interestingly, there is hope and regardless of the bad press, those involved in the MERGE, we feel should be compensated for that alone.
To join the RTA and help us help you. See our application on our "contact us" page.

 October 9, 2020

It has been scheduled, however, because of COVID 19
restrictions, we are monitoring it. See you there ?
Read the newsletter for more info !
WEP Bill 
H.R. 4540 filed
In a nut shell if passed, those affected by WEP might realize a possible $150 per month increase in the social security check.
​ This bill is slowly continuing    on the a path to passage.....

 2020 Membership cards and 
Window Decals are in the mail
If you are a member, you should be getting emails from us. We are also reworking the email list, so please email us with your current email address. Sometimes people do fall through the cracks ! 
       Mail the form back to the RTA please !