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We are an organization of
"Retired Massachusetts State Troopers"  
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We take pride in the
 fact that we research anything that has the potential to, or that will 
affect any "member" of
RTA is also proud to continue it's tradition of getting
 the most for it's members out of the Eye and Dental Plans. We are always looking for the best plan for you !
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   Both the NRA and GOAL
  are watching out for you, 
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  The database form below will help us evaluate proposed pension reform for all of retired troopers, and those who will eventually retire.
Call your State Rep and State Senator and tell them 
enough is enough.
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 Retired Trooper Association scholarships
issued to date total $23,350.00 
and it is growing each year.
                                                      updated as of 11/28/22
 to bear arms is under 
 attack as more restrictive gun laws are again being suggested. 

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We again held qualifications in
 LEOSA in May 
and in June of 2022  
See you in 2023
Scholarships were established and  this years winners and previous years names are listed below and to the right. Sons, daughters, grandsons, grandaughters, nieces 
 and nephews of 
Retired Trooper Association members.

2022  a total of $3,000 awarded !

Claire McGuiness
Chassity Gregoire
Owen Schromm
Jared Magliozzi
Christian Smith
Olivia Magliozzi
Lindsey Bowen
Payton Morse
Meghan Redington
Olivia Bean
Jennifer Marculitis
Caroline Andrews
Mary Quin
Rachel Barckholtz


$250 RTA Scholarships
Lindsey Bowen
Madison McGrath
Brenton Babb
Keegan Stidder
Olivia Micalizzi
Sean McDonald

$ 200 Anonymous Contributor
Rachel Brackholtz
Kaleigh McDonald
Thomas Charpenter

The RTA thanks those who donated 
scholarships in each category above
The bigger we are as 
and association, the
 better for all of us.

Safety in numbers !

"Hector J"
contact Hector via 
this website 
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Upgraded and
Enhanced Dental Plan 

So our HISTORY is that;
 In July of 2000, we succeeded in getting legislation passed that re-visited pensions of 557 Retired State Troopers who, had retired prior to July 1, 1992.

As a result of the bill, a substantial increase to their
 pensions was achieved. Retired Troopers Hector Grazio and Ronald Bellanti realized that there was a definite need for a organization that would pursue benefits and preserve benefits for Retired Troopers. In the past nobody had cared 
about the retiree(US). As a result the
 "Retired Troopers Association"
 of Massachusetts was formed on January 1, 2001. 
The sole purpose of this organization is to retain 
and obtain benefits for state police retirees.  
Download the form 
to the right and return
 as directed. The information you provide will benefit all
 GIC changes not happening !
Co pay increases have been frozen for 2018
If you are interested in joining the RTA,
 please see the application located on this 
page.  If you have a question, either email address works and someone from the RTA will respond as soon as possible.
Check out the State Police Museum
Hit on the link below

They are doing a great job !
As we all know, recent publicized articles and newscast regarding a few, have painted the State Police in a bad light.

We remind all still on the job, keep marching, and always conduct yourself in the professional way, one that you have been trained to do, and still do each and every day of your career.

Keep looking forward,
 it will get better !
Running any organization requires time and money, and your dues in part goes to supporting the efforts of the RTA. Members get a membership card and window decal, monthly newsletter, a chance for a family member to get a scholarship and much more.
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 Our Newsletter contains information for you. Please Read.

Our Dental Plan is a great one.
We salute and honor all who died in service 
of this great country.
We are adding our brochure below for you to read. If you have any questions please contact us via the email address above.
When you open the pdf file,you can enlarge it to read
We try our best to keep our members up on changes.
We plan to place on this website some of the proposed changes as
 they happen.

the 87th RTT 

88th RTT scheduled for February 2023
The RTA 
Scholarship committee 
met and reviewed 

Congrats to the all 
14 recipients